Ropieee and FLIRC

Hi all,
Does anyone know the code of the screen button in the upper right corner after pausing music?
Buttons like play, pause, volume, skip… are working fine with my Harmony remote.
Is this button supported?

Hi Andreas,

That button is not supported. I’ll add this to the list, because this is not the first time someone asked for it.


Thank You Harry @spockfish👍🏻
To be able to use this button would be very helpful.

Does volume work on OSMC or FLIRC remotes?

Yes, if the device supports volume control.

I’m using a HifiBerry DAC+ pro clone, an Aroio DAC from for an excellent sound.
Volume control works fine, but it’s not the volume control of the amplifier behind the DAC.
Means occasionally you have to adjust both volumes. With a Harmony remote you can map all buttons as you like.
For this setup I’m using Flirc and for a second setup with a Hifiberry Amp+ I’m using OSMC, because I’ve placed the raspi within an old loudspeaker box.

Hi Harry, Was this ever implemented (Screen power off with Flirc) ? I don’t seem to be able to get this to work. Fantastic programme BTW :clap:

Hi Lee,

No it’s on the list.

Right now I’m finishing a release, but I’ll have a look for the next one as it is not the most difficult thing to implement.



Hi Harry,

Same question as above. Did you have a chance to get this screen off feature to work with Flirc?

Thank you so much for your great work with Ropieee.

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