Ropieee and HDMI DACs

Hi, does Ropieee support DAC’s connect via HDMI? I’m looking at this interest DAC which has an ESS 9018K2M: Wingoneer WX4000 on Amazon. It’s connected to the Pi via HDMI. Does anyone know if this DAC works with Ropieee and will the combo support native DSD or DoP? Thank you.

No that’s currently not supported.

Is Ropiee going to add HDMI support? I am using Volume to drive my AV receiver using Roonbridge and it works quite nicely on a hard wired Pi 4. The rest of my nodes are Ropieee and it would be nice to have them all running the same software.

No it’s not planned. I don’t have the hardware, so that makes testing a real pain.