RoPieee and HDMI to TV

I’m really enjoying the RPi4 with RoPieeeXL. Can I use HDMI out to a large screen instead of the RPi 7" screen to display the same info?

hdmi is disabled in ropieee. you’ll have to use a different distro to use it,

I was afraid of that. Is it done for possible noise between HDMI and USB? Would be a nice option to be able to turn on via the GUI for during party use.

I suppose chromecast or web browser would work fine though

I realize this is the Ropiee portion of the forum, but roonbridge will run on a variety of rPi distributions. For instance, you could run volumio and use roonbridge on that. The HDMI port is alive and well with that software.

I have a Volumio install on an SD card all configured for my Hats and display, it’s trivial to pop out ropieee and pop in the volumio card and boot. It works fine with roon, but I prefer RoPieee for what it offers in the display and the support here.


I use Ropieee on my Pi 3Bs and was hoping I could get the Display output from them. I had a Pi 3A sitting around and got it working as a standalone Roon Display following this guide. Works great!

Pretty hilarious when you are looking to do a project and your best friend already posted how to do it online and you found it via a google search.

Thanks Travis!