RoPieee and IQaudIO Pi-DAC Pro : Cracking on song change

I just switched from a WiiM Pro Plus back to RoPieee, becasue my ‘new’ Genelec 8030A had a clearly audible humming noise with the WiiM.

The sound with the Ropieee is fabulous. But there is a short crackling noise on every track switch, regardless of sample rate.

Any ideas.

While we’re at it, what DAC / hat is everyone using with RoPieee ?

Don’t know if it helps, but I have a few Ropiees.

My HiFi Berry DAC2HDs can pop when changing sample rate - but not otherwise. I get round this by forcing an upsample to 192.

My Allo Katana doesn’t pop.

The digi Hats feed DACs and none of these pop.

Have you tested Resync Delay in Device setup, yet?
Worth a try!
Good luck with that …

I have a number of different Ropieee DACs with:

  • IQAudio DigiAmp+ hat
  • Cambridge Audio USB DACmagic100
  • several ■■■■■■■■ USB DACs ranging from a $10 ugreen to a $60 Soundblaster

None of them generate pops at any stage, even those plugged into a separate powered amp/speaker like the Genelec.

Are you on wifi? Resampling or applying DSP?

Since you ask…

Using a HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro hat into a Metrum Acoustics Musette DAC .

Thanks - but that did not do it.

Seems to be an issue with the IQaudIO talking directly to the Genelc.
Maybe I need to try a USB DAC…


I have now switched to an S.M.S.L SU-1 USB DAC - the problem is still there.

Two small pops when changing album, another two a couple of seconds after stopping play.

Maybe it’s a ropieee issue after all…?

Are you using Wifi? And silly question but have you ruled out either a speaker wiring/connection issue and/or something on the Genelec itself? The only time I get a sound is on one specific ropieee when I reboot it without bothering to turn off the powered speakers plugged into it (yes I’m aware that’s a bad habit and I could blow the speaker… they’re just some crappy Logitech speakers I use while working). I’m wondering if the crackling is less to do with ropieee and more to do with the something in between or on the Genelec.

Never say never of course, but looking at the user base (including myself :wink: ) I doubt it.

Are you willing to take a (small) gamble? By switching to the beta channel?

Ethernet directly to the switch.

There is no pop when switching songs on the same album (only the one after stopping)

Absolutely, let me try that.

How do I manually trigger an update to beta?

Sorry, same on the beta. 2 clicks on starting, 2 clicks 5 seconds after stop.

Anything else I could try?

I held back my post for a while, but by now it seems more and more likely to me that what you hear is the Genelecs‘ muting circuit engaging and disengaging.

This usually grounds an analog output stage via relay contacts as long s as there’s no digital input sync lock to avoid digital whining noises, and more often than not that output stage has developed a static DC offset over time, resulting in a click/pop sound when grounded or ungrounded due to the sudden voltage step.

Might be time to talk to Genelec to verify/remedy.

I appreciate the thought, but it’s not happening when connected to the WiiM Pro Plus.

That, on the other hand, has a bit of static noise when idle, just enough to be annoying.

I may have to go back to the Genelec 8020 again…

Could it be a cable issue? I’m using ‘cheap’ XLR / RCA cables…? I’ve ordered the adapters mentioned in the thread for testing.

So you‘re saying that you‘re connecting both the exact same way or differently?

Of course.

XLR to RCA - straight into either the WiiM (low humming when idle) or the RoPieee (Hat and USB DAC tested, both do the Pop thing).

And the Genelec 8020 DPM work flawlessly.

The 8030 are the older A version, I’m trying to find out whether the 8030C might be different, but can’t find any information. Hoping the XLR adapter I ordered make the difference, the 8030 are really quite a bit better than the 8020.

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My guess is that its the Genelecs. Don’t know how you confirm any of the below though

You mentioned a hum with the WiiM, implying they were generating some sort of constant noise that meant the speakers kept the amp powered.

With Ropieee sounds like you have a noise each time audio starts/stops, which I’m guessing is the Genelec amp turning on/off automatically…

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That sounds plausible, especially since the 8020 don’t do that. Maybe the Neutrik grounded XLR to RCA adapter will fix the humming with the WiiM (don’t think a fix is possible from the RoPieee end?), they should arrive tomorrow.

I’d hate to have to switch speakers, I got the 8030 used at a bargain, and they’re so so good…

If earthing is the issue you could perhaps try a HAT / DAC with a balanced output.

Hi Fi Berry do a HAT, there are many balanced DACs, but Topping is perhaps a good starting point.