Ropieee and JustBoom Digi Hat

I use Raspberry Pi 4 with ropieee and USB output and it worked great.

Now I added JustBoom Digi Hat in order to get optical output - USB still works, but there is no signal not from optical, nor from Hat’s coax.

Please advise: should it work? If yes, what I did wrong?


Did you select the correct HAT in the dropdown menu and reboot? RoPieee | Audio Hardware lists that HAT as supported.

Yes. Like this:

Is Justboom Digi HAT is compatible with Raspberry 4?
Hat description does not say this explicitly.

I do not know whether the Pi4 is supported or not. Perhaps there are some other RoPieee users that will be able to chime in on this question.

You might try sending feedback to Harry in case the logs says something interesting (located on the Advanced tab).

Thanks. Feedback is sent.

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 610c9d1d24d68ab8


From Justboom website:

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My bad. It works. For whatever reason I thought Roon will use the same endpoint, but for Digi HAT, it changed. Once I set up Digi HAT in Roon, it works.

Thanks everybody for the help!


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The only - display stopped working to play through Digi HAT.
I made a group to play through USB and HAT, so I overcame this.

Glad you figured out the problem.

The Display associates with any one endpoint, so yes you would have to choose either the USB endpoint or the HAT. One point: the USB endpoint will only be active (in Roon) if powered, so if that is ever NOT the case it would be better to chose the HAT endpoint in the Display tab.