RoPieee and Micro SD size

In the Getting Started page at the RoPieee Internet site can be read: “RoPieee requires an SD card of minimal 4GB in size”. There is no further information on a maximal or recomended size.

But in the same site in the A Beguinner’s Guide PDF document (updated with date 2018-12-07) in page 7 can be read “4g or 8g microSD card (avoid larger sizes)”.

I have been searching in this forum and I have found a post (RoPieee with 16 GB Micro SD Card [Resolved] posted by @Noel_Singgih that claims that with 16 GB it works.

Currently a 32 GB Micro SD is cheaper than a 16 GB from the same manufacturer, for example a SanDisk model in Amazon. Just a couple of euros. Not a big deal, but, it could be inconvenient buy a 32 GB Micro SD and find out that it is useless for its main purpouse: Running RoPieee.

So the question is: is there any issues with 32 GB Micro SD cards or should I go for a 16 GB model?


Hi @acatala,

We had problems “in the beginnings”. But I use 16 and 32gb myself, so it should work.

@Nathan_Wilkes: maybe we should remove that entry from the doc.


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Thanks @spockfish, that’s good news!!

Guide updated. Thanks @acatala.

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