RoPieee and Micro SD size

In the Getting Started page at the RoPieee Internet site can be read: “RoPieee requires an SD card of minimal 4GB in size”. There is no further information on a maximal or recomended size.

But in the same site in the A Beguinner’s Guide PDF document (updated with date 2018-12-07) in page 7 can be read “4g or 8g microSD card (avoid larger sizes)”.

I have been searching in this forum and I have found a post (RoPieee with 16 GB Micro SD Card [Resolved] posted by @Noel_Singgih that claims that with 16 GB it works.

Currently a 32 GB Micro SD is cheaper than a 16 GB from the same manufacturer, for example a SanDisk model in Amazon. Just a couple of euros. Not a big deal, but, it could be inconvenient buy a 32 GB Micro SD and find out that it is useless for its main purpouse: Running RoPieee.

So the question is: is there any issues with 32 GB Micro SD cards or should I go for a 16 GB model?


Hi @acatala,

We had problems “in the beginnings”. But I use 16 and 32gb myself, so it should work.

@Nathan_Wilkes: maybe we should remove that entry from the doc.


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Thanks @spockfish, that’s good news!!

Guide updated. Thanks @acatala.

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Hi @spockfish Harry, I have few questions: -

  1. I have a spare 64GB Sandisk SDXC card, will it work for Ropieee?
  2. Or do I need to purchase a 16/32GB micro SD card?
  3. What type of microSD format will it work? FAT32, exFAT?

Thank you.

@spockfish I read for a non Raspberry Pi board that A1 cards are better supported than the faster A2 cards, and in fact, the A2 can be a pessimization. Is this correct information for all RPi cards?

Any card should work fine. I would recommend the high endurance ones, there’s no need for a fast card.

As per the format, when you write the image into the card it gets formatted, so it doesn’t really matter what format the card has before that.


Thanks for the reply. Anyway I am getting a new Sandisk A1 32GB microSD as my spare microSD has been unreadable despite re-formatting. Thanks again.

I have been using SanDisk 32GB MAX Endurance for a couple years without issues.

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Thanks for your recommendation but before your answer I have ordered standard SanDisk Class A1 32GB. Hope it will work but shorter lifespan.

Btw, do i need to install heat sink onto the microprocessor and RAM? I do not want noisy fan and sucking dust into RPi unit

This is my rpi4 ver. 1.2 running h24 inside a Flirc passive case