Ropieee and MQA issues


so I’m trying TIDAL for now and having issue with MQA streaming using RopieeeXL.
When playing through Ropieee MQA is not decoded on my DAC.

Did a test. Connected DAC to my Mac and it plays MQA fine using TIDAL app or Roon

Do you know what can be the issue?

What are the Mytek LED colors in the two cases?

In the first case, try removing the Speaker Setup in DSP Engine. Disable the DSP Engine.


I only have speaker setup filter enabled.
disabling speaker setup does the trick, DAC shows MQA signal and Roon shows correct path

Doesn’t it supposed to work with DSP enabled?


You need to Enable MQA Core Decoder in Roon, and set the Mytek MQA Capabilities to Decoder and Renderer.

Your signal path implies you probably got one of these wrong.

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