RoPieee and other software

This has probably been answered before but is there any problem with logging into the RoPieee machine with SSH to install other things? I’d like to run a couple of non music utilities when I’m not listening to music.

Some things may not survive updates, so completely at your own risk. If you want to customize, you would likely be better off using Dietpi or something similar, rather than RoPieee which aims to offer an appliance-like experience.

Just my 2 (CAD) cents.

True. I was just trying to avoid buying another RP4 for tinkering. I have three in production now…two for RoPieeeXL in two different rooms and an elderly RP2 for Pi-Hole duty. Since RoPoieee is very much an appliance, I was wondering how different a Linux build it was in order to do something else with it.