Ropieee and rew

I am looking for advice on using rew with a ropieee client. Output is via DigiOne to a pair of Genelec 8361.

Currently I switch to an analog setup for measurements, which sort of works. It is quite a hazzle to make the speakers use analog inputs, plus cables etc.

I would like to use an umic for input, but how to make sigal generator/pi/allo/ropieee talk to the speakers?

Nothing really urgent nor important.

Thank you for reading.

You can export the chosen REW measurement signal(s), including the reference timing blip, to file(s) and import into Roon.
Play through Roon while recording with REW to analyze and then generate filters, which you import into Roon’s convolution.

How have you connected them to Roon as of now?

Thank you, @Marin_Weigel, I will try this. Connection now is Notebook > Babyface pro > Genelec 8361 analog in for mesaurement and roon > pi3/DigiOne/ropieee > Genelec 8361 AES in for digital.

I have to disconnect digital and do a power cycle to recognize analog in. Switching inputs via GLM does not always do the trick.

Another question - why don’t you use GLM with their microphone to do your corrections, too pricey?

I do. Works like a charm. One minute and you are all set.

But I want to take control measurements, plus get additional insights.

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