RoPieee Beginner's Guide

(Nathan Wilkes) #41

Harry, thanks for the input regarding the remote control — I’ll make those changes. I need to get a remote so I have some practical experience with it. :slight_smile:

And yes, I was thinking of a FAQ section for common questions and or problems. Maybe let’s start a thread for this and then I can edit into a few slides?

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(Mitch) #42

It would be really good to put a note in the guide about changing the default root password ‘root’. I just moved over to Ropieee from DietPi and I LOVE the idea of not having to deal with updates. BUT, I hit mine with nmap and was surprised to see SSH is open. I promptly changed the password. Completely understand this is geared for people that aren’t familiar w/ Linux but those are the same people that have no idea they have a little box on their network running w/ SSH open and default creds.

==From Linux==

  1. ssh -l root (your ip address)
  2. root
  3. passwd root
  4. (enter new password)

==From Windows==

  1. use putty to connect (root/root)
  2. passwd root
  3. (enter new password)
(FTBoomer) #43

I am currently using a CCA and I’m looking for a way to upgrade my Roon setup. No Ethernet in my music room so I need a WiFi enabled end point.

I was looking at this kit

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (B Plus) Starter Kit (32 GB EVO+ Edition, Premium Black Case)

This will be my 1st attempt at anything Pi. I realize that this is probably overkill but I’m trying to make it as easy as possible.

Once I were to load RoPieee, I could use this via WiFi and feed my preamp (does this also act as the DAC) or would I feed the output to an external DAC via usb?

(Derek Wyman) #44

You would want to add a hat to the pi to feed your dac. If your dac supports USB in you can go straight from the pi but it’s not ideal (and for the low cost of a hat I wouldn’t bother.).

I would but just the basic pi with power supply and then buy a hi-berry + hat and case. You will want a case that fits the hat.

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(Tim) #45


The Pi kit you referenced would need either a HAT or a USB DAC. If you decided to purchase a HAT you will need a new case since as @Derek_Wyman mentioned the HAT plugs into the top of the Pi requiring a taller case with openings for all the HAT’s connections.

Pretty sure you mentioned you had a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital in another thread. It supports USB so you could connect it directly to the Pi without a HAT. When connected via USB Roon will see the S2 and configure itself for it automatically. If you used a HAT with a Coax or Toslink ( optical ) connection to the S2 Roon would see the HAT but not the S2 requiring you to configure things manually.

You also might not be able to take advantage of all the capabilities of the S2 using a HAT instead of a USB connection. On the other hand you may find that you feel the audio quality is affected by the USB connection. I have a Pi with a USB DAC connected to it and I don’t have any issues but your experience may be different.

If you do have issues with a USB connection to your S2 then you will find yourself in the enviable position of choosing between a better power supply for the Pi ( and possibly for the S2 ), a better USB cable, a USB cleaner or a better endpoint. A rabbit hole that operates like a black hole in space, once you get sucked in there is no escaping :sunglasses:

I was considering purchasing an S2 several months ago and purchased a Schiit Wyrd USB Decrapifier to use with it since I planned to connect it to a Pi using USB and I had read that some people were having issues with the Pi’s USB connections. Life happened and I did not buy the S2. I procrastinated and let the return window for the Schiit expire and finally decided to insert it between my Pi and Dragonfly Red DAC. Not sure I can hear a difference but at least I’m using the Schiit instead of looking at it sitting on the shelf :tired_face:


(FTBoomer) #46

Thanks for the advise. So if I understand correctly, If I use the kit I referenced with the S2 (or some other USB DAC. I do not currently own the S2, just considering it), then I DO NOT need a HAT, correct? I could just buy the kit and an S2 and I’m good to go (barring any USB issues).

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(Tim) #47

Correct! No HAT needed to use a USB DAC with a Pi.


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Consider an Allo Katana as a hat, the price is cheaper (in canada anyway) than S2 uses same DAC chipset. Get at least the two allo audio power supplies initially.

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(John Mesberg) #49

Had zero problems getting RoPieee working using the beginners guide, but still don’t really ‘get’ the whole remote usage concept. I’ve read about the OSMC remote and thinking about getting one but I’m not at all clear from the guide exactly how to get it up and running with my ROCK and RoPieee. My guess is there is a thread on this somewhere else but I haven’t really found the true ‘beginners guide’ to OSMC/ROCK/RoPieee anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction?

(Harry ten Berge) #50

With OSMC remote control it is very simple:

Plug it in, make sure you have the right zone configured in the ‘remote control’ tab (which zone you want to control with the OSMC) and make sure you enable RoPieee’s Remote Control extension in Roon.


Let me know if you need any assistance.

(John Mesberg) #51

Thank you @spockfish. My remote is on order. I look forward to trying it out!

(Nathan Wilkes) #52

Ironically, the remote that I ordered arrives Monday. I’ll update the guide so that it is more clear early next week, perhaps with screenshots.

(Nathan Wilkes) #53

Guide updated to v2019-06-09. @spockfish, NB the grouped zone comment, in case that is wrong.

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(Nathan Wilkes) #54

Harry @spockfish, is the remote behaviour of only controlling a grouped zone if associated with the “primary” zone correct?

(Harry ten Berge) #55

Yes… for now let’s leave it like that.

Thing is… this is not deliberate, so I need to investigate why. I mean, if I have 2 zone’s, and one has the remote control connected, I would expect that it does not matter in which order you group them…

Or is that a weird thought?


(Harry ten Berge) #56

As always, great work!

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(Nathan Wilkes) #57

Nope, that would be the expected behavior, that it wouldn’t matter the grouping order. Just like the play / pause control on the display – applies to both zones equally.

(Nathan Wilkes) #58

@spockfish, Harry, based on common posts asking for help, I have created a brief FAQ in the guide, now at v2019-09-19.

(Harry ten Berge) #59

Awesome work @Nathan_Wilkes!

This is sooooo much appreciated. I owe you a lot of beers (or any other alcoholic beverage) :wink:


(Nathan Wilkes) #60

When I am next in the Netherlands, we will enjoy some drinks. :smile:

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