RoPieee Beginner's Guide

(Nathan Wilkes) #41

Harry, thanks for the input regarding the remote control — I’ll make those changes. I need to get a remote so I have some practical experience with it. :slight_smile:

And yes, I was thinking of a FAQ section for common questions and or problems. Maybe let’s start a thread for this and then I can edit into a few slides?

(Mitch) #42

It would be really good to put a note in the guide about changing the default root password ‘root’. I just moved over to Ropieee from DietPi and I LOVE the idea of not having to deal with updates. BUT, I hit mine with nmap and was surprised to see SSH is open. I promptly changed the password. Completely understand this is geared for people that aren’t familiar w/ Linux but those are the same people that have no idea they have a little box on their network running w/ SSH open and default creds.

==From Linux==

  1. ssh -l root (your ip address)
  2. root
  3. passwd root
  4. (enter new password)

==From Windows==

  1. use putty to connect (root/root)
  2. passwd root
  3. (enter new password)