Ropieee .bin file

(Stig Solheim) #1


So, I am new to the whole RoPieee scene. Have been using Roon for some time over a Pi/Hifiberry digi+ endpoint. Newly upgraded to an Allo Digione Signature.

When downloading the latest update of RoPieee, I’m left with a binary file. Shoulden’t this be an image file?

When i write this bin file to SD card and boot up the Pi, i seems to do something but it never comes up in the Roon program.

Thankful for any help.

(Mr Fix It ) #2

@spockfish Harry maybe something is amiss in your downloads location.

@Stig_Solheim did you burn the bin file using etcher? You can’t just copy it to an SD card…it doesn’t work that way.

Did you use the download link on the pages? Edit seems to be a bin file there currently even the zip file.

(Stig Solheim) #4

I used Etcher to burn the file onto the SD card.

Downloaded the file for the link in the software section of Tried both the unpacked file and the XZ packed file as described. Both are .bin files and none of them seem to work…

I left the Pi/Allo booting for several hours last night, and still no luck. The green light seem to flash rapidly in the beginning, then more slowly after a while. Can not find it through the web browser/ip adresse either.

(Mr Fix It ) #5

You do need to have it Ethernet connected to your network during the install. Also use a proper power supply 2.5A @ 5V. If you connect a tv/monitor to the Hdmi you should see the installation proceeding

(Stig Solheim) #6

It was ordered and delivered this way from Allo. So I think both are an option?

(Mr Fix It ) #7

But I don’t think ropieee works with Allo digi one…maybe Harry will chime in on that.

Can you try the Allo dietpi image?

(Stig Solheim) #8

Ethernet was connected the intire time, also connected a screen via Hdmi and it shows activity. The screen turns off after some time

The allo digione and digione signature is listet, so I guess it should support them?

(Mr Fix It ) #9

Another thing is try a different SD card. What size are you using? I’ve found 8/16GB to be the best. Sandisk normally reliable.

(Stig Solheim) #10

Now I have used a 4gb SanDisk card, but I will take your advice and try a 16gb.

(Harry ten Berge) #11

The image has a .bin extension. Maybe that’s what you’re seeing. But that’s ok.
So let’s see what happens with the other SD card.

Regards Harry

(Stig Solheim) #12

Thank you for the reply.

So I don’t have to convert the .bin file to an .img file? Maybe a dumb question, but bare with me…

Also, does the Roon software see the RoPieee as an RAAT og will it use Airplay as protocol?

Regards Stig

(Harry ten Berge) #13

No there is nothing you need to do. You can directly burn the file to SD card.

RoPieee uses RAAT as protocol. It is a ‘Roon only’ solution.

I’m not sure if you read the documentation, but it is perfectly clear why your unit does not show up in Roon. You first need to configure it. So insert the SD card, power it on, and wait until the green led flashes regularly (1 sec). Then you can go to it’s webpage and configure the Digione as your HAT. Only then it will show up in Roon.

Regards Harry

(Mr Fix It ) #14

Harry I think maybe this is where its perhaps failing…

Stig maybe you can try to use an app like FING on your network or an IP scanner or maybe the DHCP table in your router to identify the RPi IP

(Stig Solheim) #15

I have read the documentation and followed it step by step… Can’t find the units web page through the ip adresse given. But I will try another card, and hopefully that will solve the issues😊

(Mr Fix It ) #16

Maybe try another lan cable too

(Harry ten Berge) #17

So… the unit blinks steadily (the green led) once per second?

(Stig Solheim) #18

Hmm… Have already tried 3 different Lan cables…

It flashes rapidly when booting up, then after that flashes at about 1 time pr second. When connected to a screen via Hdmi, it displays something like “Welcome to RoPieee”. After a while this signal is lost and the screen turn off.

(Harry ten Berge) #19

That’s normal. RoPieee disables HDMI.
To me it seems that everything is fine, you just need to figure out what the IP address is.

Have you used Fing to try to figure it out? This is a mobile app that shows all devices on your network.

(Stig Solheim) #20

Never used Fing, but I have an Asus router witch provides me with a realtime list over whats connected. Does the RoPieee have a different IP adress than the Raspberry itself?

Tried another to burn onto another SD card last night, SanDisk 16gb. Same result and no contact. Burned DietPi onto the same card and it worked right away with that… :thinking:

(Henry) #21

Try putting ropieee.local into your web browser. On most conventional networks that should bring up your admin web page if you only have one instance of ropieee running.