Ropieee corrupted itself, had to re-burn sd card, now the "now playing" display isn’t there


When I got up this morning my Ropieee/Digione/Pi-display system was sitting showing a kernel panic.

Seems was “too short”. I would guess the automatic rebooted damaged the file, but perhaps an update running, otherwise ???

Anyway - reflashed the SD card. It’s the 20171209 . On the site is says there is a newer one but it’s not offered on the download page.

I’m back up except there is no display on my official Pi touchscreen except the “we’re ready” text.

The web interface has the display tab which had the expected effect when I “rotated”.

I’m at a loss since per the docs it is supposed to be automatic?


Confirming that you have re-enabled the extension in Roon Settings and named your Roon Zone correctly?

Depending on your update settings, RoPieee will pull in the latest update. If you manually set the update time to now, and reboot, you can force the upgrade to happen sooner. Be patient, as it takes some time.


Update check time came and went and my Ropieee updated itself to 083.

My zone is called Lounge HiFi and it’s consistent on the Pi and inRoon:

I already had the extension authorized but now I removed that authorization. There are no discovered Roon extensions:



I presume that you can play audio out, that the display is the only problem? I assume that you have tried restarting the Roon exension, and your Roon Core, yes? For sure the display will not work if the extension isn’t visible and authorized.

Hi Nathan,

Yes, audio works, and yes to all those various restarts.

I sshed into the Pi, do you know what process should be running to put up the display?


pacman -Ss ropieee shows me two packages that are not installed:

ropieee-remote and ropieee-touchui

I presume one or both of these are needed, not sure why they were not installed.

Can anyone advise as to which I should install?


I had this recently and never got it working again properly on the original card. I did a new build on a new card and everything seemed to fire back up OK.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the help. I installed ropieee-remote and ropieee-touchui and enabled them with systemctl and that got my display back.


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Hello Steve,

Good to hear – something failed in the original install process for sure. At the beginning I should have suggested sending feedback to Harry, because maybe there is some edge case that can be checked for.


Hi @Steve_Davies,

Can you still send me feedback? Obviously something went wrong during installation, and I want to check it out.