RoPieee detects multiple USB Audio devices in DAC

Is it normal for Ropieee to detect multiple USB Audio interfaces in DAC? It recognizes my USB input of CD player as 3 individual USB audio device (Passion CD 430 USB Audio/Passion CD 430 USB Audio #1/Passion CD 430 USB Audio#2). The default “Passion CD 430 USB Audio” doesn’t sound, and I have to use “Passion CD 430 USB Audio#1/ Passion CD 430 USB Audio#2” to play roon (pls see attached pic).

That’s certainly not very common, but I suspect the USB chipset in your device is responsible for this.

It uses C-Media CM6631A as the USB input chip.

In addition to the multiple USB devices detected by Roon bridge, the UPNP function gives no sound although in Bubbleupnp I can select the Ropieee and the music play bar is moving.

Is there any way to troubleshoot this? Thx in advance.