RoPieee/Digione USB to Hegel HD12

I have a Digione USB Signature connected to my HD12 via USB using RoPieee v3.088.

I can’t get it to show up in Roon. If I connect a iFi IDSD Black, it shows up in Roon no problem.

I’ve tried USB mode A and B on the HD12 but neither work. The HD12 input is set to USB although I doubt that matters for RoPieee to discover it?

Can you send me feedback?

Thanks for getting back to me Harry.

I think it’s the HD12 USB port, I can’t get it to connect to a PC either. If I can get that going I will try again with the Digi.


Could be a silly answer… but perhaps you need this driver.

Drivers won’t install because the installer can’t find the HD12. Every time I plug in the HD12 to Win 10, it takes about 10s for the PC to see something has connected, but it is reported as malfunctioning. I think the USB port might be bad.

@spockfish I sent the l logs 71f62ec2f42e851d in case they can shed any light.



I am considering a RME ADI-2 DAC. I don’t see this it on the RoPieee DSD compatible list. Is it likely to work?

The list you are reverring to is not the ‘DSD compatible’ list. It’s the ‘can do DSD native’ list. Those are 2 very different things.

In general most USB DAC’s work out of the box with RoPieee as they support UAC. So I would expect the RME to work as well.


Thanks a lot for your help Harry.