Ropieee direct connection to Roon Core PC

Hello, first time posting here, hope we will get along :smiley:

I wanted an USB/Network Bridge for my Roon Core (desktop PC) so after a bit of digging here and there I chose a Rpi4/2GB with Flirc case.

Got to configure it and made it work, kinda convoluted but oh well, at least I’m not paying $500 dollars haha.

Thing is I had this idea that I could connect the Rpi4 with Ropiee DIRECTLY to my PC via an ethernet cable, turns out I’m unsuccessful at this endeavor. The diagram is as follows:

  • Desktop PC (Roon Core) connected to my modem through Wifi
  • Rpi4 with Ropiee connected to my PC through an Ethernet cable (My MB has only 1 ethernet port)

If this could work think it would be much more efficient than sending data through wifi to my modem for it to send it back through the cabled connection to Ropieee which in turn sends it to my DAC.

Also, Am I gaining anything by doing this instead of just connecting the DAC to the MOBO’s USB port? I just need to listen to music in my PC in my room.



Connect your PC to router by ethernet then connect RPi to router by ethernet

That’s how networks work

You cannot connect 2 computers by ethernet

You can connect PC by USB to DAC Directly

You’ll need one of these things: ethernet switch, that will cost less than $20. Or you could try to use WiFi if the PC and raspi are close enough to your wifi hub. You need an ethernet switch to manage all of the DHCP and routing stuff.

If the Router/modem, PC, and the DAC are in the same room (USB for the DAC?) then just connect the DAC direct to the the computer. And as @Mike_O_Neill stated, it would would be best if the Core (the PC) was connected by ethernet to the router/modem. Wireless could be a source of trouble with the bandwidth that Roon could potentially need. Not sure why you would need an endpoint (the RPi with RoPieee. Makes it more complex than it needs to be.

You could try the wireless to the Router/modem from your PC as you have it and just hook the DAC directly to the PC and see if you experience any lag or playback issues.

BTW @Mike_O_Neill, not a huge issue, but, you can indeed connect two computers directly to each other with an ethernet cable, however, it’s a little fiddly and is mostly just for file transfer or sharing folders from one to the other. You used to need a cross over ethernet cable but you don’t need it in all cases any more. Older computers may need a cross over cable to make the connection more stable.