RoPieee display (and Web Controller) not in sync with what's playing

I have a strange issue and I doubt that it is caused by RoPieee but I don’t know where else to post.

The display of my RPi3 RoPieee is not syncing.
When I reboot, it shows the album art and progress bar at the time of reboot, but the progress bar does not advance.
The play/pause and next/previous buttons work.
Also the web interface works works and is responsive.

I have the same issue with the Web Controller
It works when I refresh, album art is shown, the buttons work, but the progress bar does not sty in sync.

The RoPieee Remote Control extension (v0.9.0) is running and is paired.
The Web Controller extension (v1.2.8) is also running.

I have rebooted the RPi several times, I have rebooted Roon ROCK, I have checked all connections.

Anyone have an idea what could cause these issues?

I also got the same case with you, beside this, also one problem found, “pop” along the song with some interval “every few second” during playing FLAC file

Hi @seagull,

Yes. We’ve got more people experiencing this. There’s an update in the beta channel that tries to fix this. If you’re up to it you can test this.

Regards Harry

Didn’t know you ran a display as well. Can you switch to the beta channel?

Go to the advanced tab, set the update channel to ‘beta’, and set the update interval to ‘on boot’.

I’m on the Beta channel now.
I’ll test it tonight.

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Hi @spockfish,
Currently on V154 but no sync.
When I start the music on the Roon Control Zone nothing happens on the display.
When I touch the display the album art is shown, the play/pause button stops and start the music but the arrow (play) button is showing all the time.
The progress bar and time played are not moving.

Can you send me feedback?

Oh. Did you enable the extension?

While music paused: Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 7dcf5312b2d5e10d
While playing music: Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 9a9f65e7b187d579

Thanks. Any idea since when this is happening?

About 2 or 3 days ago.

Blocked by my firewall?
I’m using a WatchGuard appliance that is managed by my IT service provider.

No they arrived. I was too quick in my response.

I really don’t get what’s wrong. There are now a few people that are running into this issue, but over here it’s running fine. So what happens if you try tro control it just from the Roon interface? So you start play from Roon, not from the touchscreen?

The strange thing is that it also affects the Web Controller extension.

Uh? What do you mean?

When I start the music from my Android Phone or from my laptop the display stays on the clock, nothing happens.

What kinda server do you have?


Can you do a test? Start playing audio on the zone that’s configured for the screen (no need to actually start it from the screen), wait for a minute or 2 and then send me feedback?

Roon Rock on an Intel NUC7i7BNH, Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital connected via USB to the NUC, NUC and RPi3 connected via Ethernet through an HPE 2530 48G PoE+ Switch. Both the RPi3 and the display are powerd separately by an Audiophonics 5V power supply. The Pre Box is powered by the NUC USB cable.

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The display wakes up when I restart the RoPieee Roon remote extension, but it does not sync and is still displaying the same song.