RoPieee display does not react to playback, only after ROCK reboot

Not sure if this is related to ROCK or Ropieee, so I’ll just try to post this here.

Since last 2 rounds of updates of both Roon components and Ropieee, so since about 1 month ago or so, I am experiencing the following issue:

  • The display is on and shows correctly the clock, the time is accurate so it’s not a frozen screen
  • When I start playback, the sound is fine, but the display does not react and still shows the clock screensaver
  • Sometimes it ‘refreshes’ to show the album that’s playing, but the progress bar is not moving
  • I can still use the touch controls to play/pause, etc. the tracks, the functionality works but the buttons and the whole screen do not react when I do that (visually)
  • The only way to fix this for some short time (1-3 days) is to reboot ROCK. When I reboot RoPieee, it will refresh to the current album/track being played, but the screen does not react further, switches into the clock screensaver as if it would not detect ROCK playing and still continues to behave as described above. Only ROCK reboot fixes this behavior completely without needing some hard reboots, etc…
  • I haven’t tried reflashing RoPieee for several months, was only applying all the updates and now running version 3.088. During this time I changed Allo Digione for Digione signature, but in my understanding there should not be any reflash needed for that, the sound is fine, so the problem is probably somewhere else anyway.

My setup is ROCK (NUC 10i5FNH) → ethernet → router → ethernet → Allo Digione Signature on RPi 4, running on Ropieee 3.088, powered by Shanti LPS, and with connected Rpi official standard touchscreen, powered separately by a standard Rpi AC adapter. → BNC coax → DAC / preamp / amp / speakers

The extension is enabled in Roon, zone names are aligned, etc…

It’s not a major issue to reboot ROCK from time to time, but wanted to report this, maybe get some advice on what to try to fix it permanently, before trying to reflash RoPieee. I didn’t do that yet as it’s quite difficult to dismantle my whole setup to get to the microSD card, so maybe there’s an easier way, or this is just a bug that should be fixed in future versions?

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