RoPieee display freeze version 377

I have an issue since yesterday (or maybe since long more, don’t know exactly), RoPieee display freeze after few minutes. No more access to web UI.
Reboot solves the issue but problem appears again.
I reinstalled RoPieee completely but still the problem.
Version 377:

Package Version
ropieee 20191027-1
ropieee-web 20191009-1
ropieee-extensions 20190407-1
mosquitto-ropieee 1.6.3-1
lirc-ropieee 0.10.1-8
inputlirc-ropieee 30-2
linux-raspberrypi-dsd 4.19.80-1
qt5-base-ropieee 5.12.3-1
ropieee-remote 20190731-1
ropieee-touchui 20190922-1

Thx for help

Try restarting the extension in Roon itself.

Can you try restart your Roon server?

Try all of that but still freezing after several seconds
Am I alone to encounter this issue?

Can you send me feedback?

So restart the unit, play some audio and when it freezes send me feedback.

As another data point, I had the first display freeze in months earlier today (on a grouped zone). A reboot of the ROCK core solved it (as it always does).

I tried that many times. Reboot Rock code doesn’t solve anything.
Once it is frozen only switch off/on Ropieee solve for few seconds…
Do you think that something could be wrong in my network which can explain that behaviour?

Can you send me feedback as asked before?

Of course, but, sorry for the stupid question but which feedback? The logs ? How can I access to this log in the raspberry and extract them?

It’s on the webpage, specifically the ‘advanced’ tab. There’s a button ‘send feedback’ :wink:

I will try because after screen freeze ropieee.local is no more accessible
I will let yo know
I would like to thank you for the support :clap::+1:


so you’re saying that when the screen freezes you can’t reach the webpage?
Does that also mean that the unit (zone) disappears from Roon itself?

Yes the page is no longer reachable and No the SOtM remains accessible and even continue to play

After Rock and Ropieee, every things are working again well.