RoPieee display question

I understand how to set up a display for Roipee, but can I only use the official Raspberry branded 7” or can I use the Newsoul which can also be hooked up via jumper cables ?

RoPieee only supports the official Pi 7" display.

I use the 7" PI Display and a 5" Display from Amazon. Both work fine with PI3 and PI4.

Link for the 5" :

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that sounds good. Is there any to take care about the resolution?
How do you fit it in a case?

Just test If it works. So i don’t buy a Case.
Want to build the PI with Display in a Aluminium Case.

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any possibility of HDMI output in a future release? with the new CM4AES in development there won’t be a standard raspberry pi display header, that seems like it would be a great board for ropieee setups

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