RoPieee display rebooting every few minutes, then stops for awhile

Harry, one of my displays is acting strangely. For about a day, it has been frequently rebooting every few minutes, often ending with a “Connection Failure” error. And, then it stops for a bit. It is as though it is trying to complete an install but failing and rolling back, over and over.

I managed to send feedback right before one of the reboots, and another after a time remaining stable. Any ideas?



I am afraid that I am not certain whether “reboots” is accurate, or whether it was just running some internal scripts over and over again. For the last few hours it has been well-behaved, so now uncertain what was going on.

Hmmm… the log shows that the display is following a grouped zone (Kitchen + 1) and goes a little bit crazy: which in the end results in things falling apart as the extension crashes because it can’t see the Roon server.

Nothing in the logs point to something weird going on system level, but there’s definitely something going on.

Could you experiment a bit with grouped vs non-grouped zone?


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Mine did this for a while and I ended up needing to re-flash with a new card as the SD card I had was going bad? It acted flaky when flashing and then took a LOOONG time to flash. A new card seemed to have fix the problem for me.

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Thanks for investigating Harry, and thanks @bearFNF for the suggestion about the sd card. Of course, today it behaved normally, both grouped and ungrouped, so not sure what to conclude. I ordered some reputable sd cards so I can re-flash if necessary.