RoPieee Display shows "Connection Failure" every other hour

I have two Raspberry Pi 4 with Display running RoPieeeXL and using them just as Remote Controls V2. One is in my office assigned to a Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 3 and the other in my bedroom with a Bluesound NODE. They have been running for about 10 days but today both started showing “Connection Failure” screen at the same time. Looking into Settings/Extensions I can see both disappear and appear like 2 secs later and the Status: Running resets to 0. I was running them wireless so decided to run them wired. Rebooted my NUC 10i7FNHN Roon ROCK, disabled and enabled both Extensions and the one in the Bedroom looks like is now working fine but the one in the Office is reseting and showing “Connection Failure” about every other hour or so. I have both set Wired DHCP with Manual IP set in the ASUS Router as recommended. Not sure what else to do to get these guys stopping loosing connection with the Roon ROCK Core. Maybe @spockfish has a recommendation? Harry your expertise is needed :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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Can we try to not ‘hijack’ threads? The original poster reported an issue related to RoPieee’s display and not about NAA.

Not that I mind the discussion itself, but it makes things unclear for the original poster (and also for me).


Point taken. @moderators can the NAA discussion be split out into another thread?

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@spockfish thanks for looking at this issue for me. After changing last night before going to bed my two RoPieee Display from wireless to wired, Static IP to DHCP and reserving the IP addresses in my ASUS RT-AX86U Router, looks like they are holding stable. Also, per your recommendation, I’m going to turn OFF USB audio on RoPieeeXL. Here is this morning feedback of both units. Please let me know if everything looks normal to not make any more changes.

Office: f7530ff444fe3720

Bedroom: b1d45dc836614698

Thanks again for all your help and support!!

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Hi @spockfish The office RoPieee Display lost connection again 53 mins ago. I wasn’t home, though. Just found out after looking at the Extensions Running Time. Both RoPieee Displays started at the same time so both should have the same running time.

Here is the latest feedback for you to check, please.

Office RoPieee Display: 0bfa3b7b4aa462f8

Thanks again for your help!!

I’m not sure what you think you see here. They certainly don’t need to have the same running time, because the extension can decide to restart itself (for example when it’s running idle for a period of time) which depends to which zone it is listening.

Anyways, I see again a timeout from your Roon server. You should definitely look at it on that end, because on the Pi everything is ok.