Ropieee displays need re-pairing most days

I have two Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Ropieee that are just used as zones displays along with Fliirc for remote control of the zone. They were working perfectly until some weeks ago when I noticed they didn’t come on when I played to a particular zone. I checked in settings and noticed that each had to be paired again. Once I’d done this they worked fine until a day or so later when I had to re-pair them again. I find I have to pair one or the other every day or so. I’ve updated to the latest firmware and tried wireless and direct LAN connection.

I’ve searched for similar problems but haven’t found anything so I thought I’d asked if anybody has experienced the same thing or if there’s anything I can do to keep them connected? They always return once I press ‘Pair’ but it’s frustrating that they keep going missing.


Do you have 2 cores in your system. I have 2 cores and this happens until I take one off line. Just a thought.

I have a dedicated PC as my Roon (and Plex) server but I also have a NUC setup as a Rock endpoint. I’m not sure if that counts as two?