RoPieee download problem


I tried to download the image for Ropiee this morning 3 separate time. Each one got to about 90% complete before progress stopped and at the same time my firewall alerted me to a ShellCode hack attempt from the Netherlands!

See the attached image.

Should I try download again? Is it safe?

If you disable the IPS on the USG, does that help?

I am sure it would but I guess it depends if it was a real attempt or a false positive :rofl:

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Well what you can do is just enable IDS (Intrusion Detection system) instead of IPS (Intrusion Prevention system)
If the file still fails with IDS enabled, it’s something else that wrong with it
If the file downloads ok, it’s the USG that causes it, as seen in other forums, the USG can have some problems handling IPS traffic due to heavy load

OK, cool. Will try that.

Or maybe I’ll download it at work instead :rofl:

One other thing you can try…
Paste the URL of the file into virustotal

I downloaded the img with no problems at work… :smiley: