Ropieee Endpoint with HifiBerry Amp2 not Recognized [SOLVED]

I have just installed a new HifiBerry Amp2 and installed Ropieee.

I have booted it and set up the primary information then rebooted…

I triggered a feedback:

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier a5044ae9a5e05902

I have been researching and it looks like this board should be identified on the Ropieee as a DAC+. When I did and rebooted, it appeared.

So, I am leaving this message here for others to find if they have the same issue.


Yeah, that’s also in the documentation.
But I’ll add it anyway to the menu, so at least people won’t get confused again.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks Harry!

All of my Ropiee endpoints are working wonderfully.

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How is the amp 2 was thinking of swapping my amp+ for one to get the extra wattage and to be able to use a single psu with my touchscreen.

I like it. I admit, I am not using it for anything too critical. We have two of these units that help me distribute music throughout the house. So in our dining room, we have some fairly modest ceiling speakers driven by one. Similar setup in our bedroom. All the speaker wires run to our basement wiring closet where we keep these guys. So we don’t have screens attached to them.

I am using old laptop power supplies where I have cut off the barrel connector and wired the positive/negative bare wires directly to the board - 20V output, which is now recommended. I wonder if I could have split the power off just one laptop to drive both units? Hmmm … something to investigate.

So, with Roon/Ropieee I can select zones and control content and volume. Sounds great, but could be better if I had better speakers.

All in all, I am happy.