Ropieee Fan for a moment

I had been using a rpi as an endpoint I had made.
I wanted to see what else is being done and flashed the RoPieee image.
A few moments to configure and . . .
Pretty nice setup.
Thank you. With the 7" display I now see albums being played. My kids liked that they could touch the screen and stop playback/skip etc.
As a NAA endpoint it was super simple too.

Appreciate it much.


All my endpoints are RPi/Ropieee with 7" display. You can’t beat that in price and flexibility.


I’m running 2 RPi/Ropieee endpoints with 7" touchscreens, both also powered by PoE. Great little setup!

What PoE HAT are you using?

This one:

I did a mini-write up with some photos on the build: