RoPieee - Feature requests

Is it possible to add support for the Extension manager? It would be highly appreciated!

Hello Harry
you might add to the list: devices which support native DSD

Topping D 70
Topping D 50s

they play native DSD up to DSD 512

thanks for your great work

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I think this was requested some time ago but would it be possible for an option to turn off the red power led?

Would love to be able to display Sportify playing on the screen.
Picoreplayer could do that, however Ropieee is vastly superior so I’m hoping this will be implemented at some point.


Some sort of trigger output, be it a dry contact or 5-12V from a RBP, so that when music starts playing, it turns on my amplifiers (which have 12v trigger inputs) and then a user-definable timer that once music stops playing, it disables the output (which I’d imagine 15m would suffice). I realize it would probably require an external relay and external power to isolate the RBP output, which is easy to do.


I suggested this quite some time back…maybe not to hard to do if we can Diy some buffer etc. most triggers should work at 5v even but safest to buffer with a sss or relay


Sounds awesome. Did we hear back?

Updating the original post I linked above. … no promises I can do it this week tho.

@spockfish Harry maybe we can use GPIO4 (PIN 7) and we can cut a test image to achieve this? Pin HI when music is playing and a 15 delay to Pin LOW after no music. This should apply to all sources DLNA/Spotify/Roon etc

Does Ropiee support NAA (Networked Audio Adapter), for use with HQ Player?

No it doesn’t.

Thats a shame, is it something that could be added in the future perhaps?

I suppose the question should have been “can it at some point in the future?”

I would like to raise a feature request for more control over the Clock color on RPI touchscreen. This can improve the color match between RoPieee and other audio equipment. I have a need of making the blue color #0000FF for example, not the light blue it is now.

Any change of this being implemented? If there’s a quick solution by changing some colors somewhere (using SSH login) I would be very glad!

It’s on the list, but I can’t make any promises on the ‘when’.


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With the F1 season over that should free up a few hours :slight_smile: Max did well with his 3rd place driver in the championship.

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Max who?:smiling_imp: :joy:


All the other RPi board temperature shown in Device tab.

How long is it till the screen timeout? Mine goes for quite a while before the display changes. Even if I reboot the device after play stops the album display from Roon comes up instead of the clock.

Is it possible to shorten the amount of time till timeout and the clock display turns on?

10 mins iirc