RoPieee - Feature requests


Hy @spockfish! First of all i would like to thank you for your work!
My question is that is it possible to port RoPieee to a Cubox-i?
I have a Cubox-i2eX for years now. I purchased it before Sonore made the Sonicorbiter SE and used it as a music player with Voyage MuBox with a Bladelius USB DAC.
Now I have Roon on my home server, and with Armbian and RoonBridge install the Cubox-i is “refurbished” as a Roon endpoint. I think that this solution is not so optimal, the OS is not optimized for audio playback, like RoPieee.
What do you think?

(Greetings from Hungary :slight_smile: )

(Mr Fix It ) #183

Any luck with this Harry? I have an OSMC RF remote I got from IQAudIO that worked great with KODI on the Pi … maybe we could get it working on the Ropieee setup?

(Tobias Klenk) #184

I would also love to have a remote for RoPieee!!! Especially for volume control of my IQAudio DigiAmp+.
Keep us updated on that! Great work! i really love RoPieee!

(Harry ten Berge) #185

I’ve got one lying at home.
Unfortunetaly I’ve been to busy lately to try it out, but it’s definitely on my list.

(Tobias Klenk) #186

Great! Is volume control on the list? What type of control did you order?

(Harry ten Berge) #187

I’ve got an RF based OSMC controller (
And it’s working already.

So the coming week there will be an update that lays the foundation for this. So hopefully this will be available within a month or so.

(Tobias Klenk) #188

Hey, thanks for the info. Sounds great. Cant wait to test it. I will directly order one!

(Mike) #189

I’d like to see 100% compatibility with the new “display” features of Roon 1.5 Build 354, which is really a great addition.

(Nathan Wilkes) #190

Would it be possible to provide an option to change the colour of the clock screen saver? The white can be a bit glaring in the deep of night, and a nice blue or green would be cool. Thanks Harry.

(Harry ten Berge) #191

So @Nathan_Wilkes

Any idea about a good color? And why is lowering the contrast no enough?

(Nathan Wilkes) #192

Hello @spockfish. Does the contrast adjustment only apply to the clock? I thought it adjusted the display too?

As to colour, I would go with something close to LED green, but I don’t think there would be much agreement. You would first have to decide whether to allow a custom colour to be specified in the GUI in principle (whether web or display).

(Harry ten Berge) #193

Hi @Nathan_Wilkes,

Right now the contrast setting is applies to the whole screen. But I could imagine, that instead of a color change, you can set the contrast for the clock specifically.

Just wondering what the best option is.

(Dick Vliek) #194

I would like different contrast settings for clock and now playing, not a biggy though.

(Nathan Wilkes) #195

Maybe two settings would work well… but as @Dick_Vliek rightly implies, not a high priority.

(bevan court) #196

This would be interesting to get feedback on the feasibility. The USBridge is currently only sold with the Sparky board. @spockfish had confirmed that Ropieee can’t be made to work with Sparky because of the outdated kernel. How about we attack this from a different direction. Allo had said the USBridge doesn’t work with the RPi, however it does use the GPIO. Could we get the RPi to emulate the I/O of the Sparky and use it with the USBridge a then we could use Ropieee? Not a Linux expert, but I’m sufficiently disappointed with the USBridge with dietpi that I’d be willing to use my equipment for testing.

(bearFNF) #197

having red and blue would be nice, also having a ‘dim’ setting when the screen went to clock would be nice.

(paolo) #198

and… what about an “OFF” (no clock) option when nothing is playing? :wink:

(Geoff Coupe) #199

That’s already there - you can have a blank screen (no clock) when nothing is playing…

(paolo) #200

checked before posting as I was pretty sure too it already is there but… can’t find it anymore :neutral_face:

(Geoff Coupe) #201

It’s there on mine (build 181) - settings screen on the display itself - “blank screen on timeout”.