RoPieee - Feature requests

(paolo) #202

… on the display itself, not in the web UI :man_facepalming:

thank you Geoff :slight_smile:

(Silvan Wenig) #203

Hi @all, first post on here and just started using roon.

Now for this Request: Is it possible to use a touchscreen in vertical orientation with RoPieee?

I want to build a small internet radio for our bathroom since normal radio signal is horrible and be able to switch stations with the display. I would love to use the display in vertical orientation because i planned the radio to be rather tall than wide since we don’t have a lot placement options for the radio.

thank you :slight_smile:

(simon arnold) #204

Currently no. Only support horizontal for screen.

(Ralf Karpa) #205

First, also a huge thanks for the work applied.

When the zone is switched off, I have such information screen. However, this stays as is and does not switch to blank or the clock. Would it be possible to change that?

Another feature request would be an option to blend the roon version information above the progress bar. I have often several versions of the same album and it would be nice to have such info on the screen.

Thanks, Ralf

(Harry ten Berge) #206

Hi @Ralf_Karpa,

The first thing I’ll look into, because It should go dark (or switch to the clock).

Your second request is unfortunately not possible, because the Roon API does not provide such information.
I myself would love to have that info, so we can create a separate screen (which you can toggle with the remote for example) to show source information. We’ll just need to wait for Roon to extend the API …

(NachoGo) #207

Alexa and/or Google Home Ropieee support for Play/Pause/Stop/Skip/Volume Up/Volume Down/Mute commands?

Don´t know if it´s possible, but I think it would be amazing, really usefull.

(Ralf Karpa) #208

Hi Harry, thanks for looking into this. Also, thanks for the information on the roon API.

(Frank Berens) #209

Hi Harry, already any thoughts about the RP 3 model A+? Maybe a good Pi for wireless ethernet and USB for my DAC.

(Harry ten Berge) #210

I expect this one to work out of the box with RoPieee.
Don’t see the advantage over a ‘regular’ Pi 3 though.

(Nils Hannaas) #211

Weather forecast in standby mode and a way to use ropiee with display like the Android/Ios app. Browse media etc…


And HQP NAA function is asked way too much? :roll_eyes:

(Ralf Karpa) #213

Thanks Harry, the clock does now show up, even when no zone is available.

(Ralf Karpa) #214

Ok, I thought it was solved with v226, but it is not.

When I start the raspberry and the DAC is off, the clock shows up. When the DAC is turned on, the clock shows after some time of no audio. That all works as expected.

What does not work is the situation where I listened to audio, and then switch the DAC off. In this case, the „missing zone“ message shows up and stays, neither clock nor blank screen is shown.

Thanks, Ralf.

(Harry ten Berge) #215

it will be resolved in the next version.

(Eric) #216

@spockfish sorry for the dumb/newbie question but which exact RPi model do you suggest?

(Harry ten Berge) #217

at least a 2. the most common one these days is the 3 B+ I guess.

(Mark Weston) #218

Hi Harry,

Have you any plans to support the Allo KALI I2S Reclocker HAT?
I don’t see it in your list of Supported Audio Outputs


(Harry ten Berge) #219

Hi @markus46,

afaik this device does not need a driver, so it should work.
Someone else in the channel that already has this device?


Hi Harry.

Would it be possible to add a switch to disable or enable DSP for the zone monitored by Ropieee? I like DSP for using speakers and off for headphones.

(Harry ten Berge) #221

Unfortunately the Roon API does not provide handles to interact with the DSP engine. So right now this is not possible. Maybe in the future though …