RoPieee - Feature requests

(Stefan Stefan) #222

1st of all thanks so much for ropieee! Love it! Any chance we could have the track resolution info below or above the album Cover? It quite useful when playing radio to quickly glance if that’s an mp3, flac, wave or mqa file playing. Thanks for considering and your excellent work!

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #223

Does RoPieee have a software MQA decoder?

(Henry) #224

No it hasn’t, it lets Roon do the first unfold. You would need to do the MQA rendering (effectively the second stage of MQA decoding) in hardware on the DAC.

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #225

So if you have an I2S hat in this situation what happens? I2S cannot carry MQA encoding?

So will the file be played with just the first unfold?

(Harry ten Berge) #226

Hi Stefan,

I would love to have this myself as well. Unfortunately the Roon API does not provide this information, so for now this is a no go.

As soon as this hits the API it will be incorporated. Promised.

Regards Harry

(Henry) #227

i2S should be transparent, but if the HAT can’t do MQA it would just be treated as a normal file. Roon would do the first unfold so you get that part of it at least.

(Ralf Karpa) #228

Thanks, Harry, now it works perfectly.

(Stefan Stefan) #229

Thanks for your reply, Harry! Good to know…

Will have to look into the roon api to know what’s actually possibile. By the way, what I think would also be a nice touch - to have the clock always on screen in a corner, as this is the only screen now I have on while listening to music. Also the clock mode while nothing is playing is much appreciated, I really love the attention put in.

(Stefan Stefan) #230

Not sure if this is a bug or expected behavior - I have some albums with no cover art. Roon shows that default pattern image for these, however RoPieee displays the cover art of the last track that had a cover.


(Harry ten Berge) #231

But in which corner? The screen is rather full…

(Stefan Stefan) #232

Something along these lines… quick ideas along the current UI. Will give it more thought… Seemed like fun to play with accent colours. Would love to help with UI & UX if that’s in any way useful to your project.

(Bart Maguire) #233

Thanks for RoPieee Harry, can I add a couple of requests?
A volume control on the screen (I am using it on a Raspberry Pi with a 7" screen), either a slider or a button to bring up a slider like the Web Controller.
An indication of the time remaining in the playlist as well as in the current track.


I am usin RoPieee for a couple of months now, and am very happy with it - thanks Harry. But, like Bart_Maguire I also would be very happy with some sort of volume control. ( I use only the display function). To have it looks very obvious, bud I read trough the whole thread and couldn’t find a reasoning why it isn’t possible to add?

(Mr Fix It ) #235

Maybe some donations are in order guys…if you haven’t already done so.

(Wim) #236

Hi @spockfish, any option to set a preferred network for RPi’s that have both LAN and WLAN enabled or to default to LAN if both connections are available?

I’m running ROCK with LAN (most RPi endpoints, laptop) and WLAN (BluOS endpoints, Android devices) connections and I had to enable WLAN when I had a network issue on my LAN, but Roon seems to prefer WLAN when both are available.

(Harry ten Berge) #237

Hi Wim,

RoPieee adds a route metric to it’s network configuration where, if both are connected, LAN takes precedence (at least in routing). So I’m surprised Roon takes the other one…

Do you use DHCP?

(Wim) #238

Hi Harry,
I’m using fixed IP’s for the LAN and DHCP for WLAN.
Both networks are on different subnets LAN 192.168.13.X and WLAN 10.3.201.X.

(Harry ten Berge) #239

ah. ok. that might be the issue. let me do some tests with a static ip.

(Don Hampton) #240

Any thoughts on AUDIOPHONICS Digipi+AES TOSLINK TCXO Digital Interface AES/EBU support in RoPieee?

(Nathan Wilkes) #241

Have you tried the HiFiBerry driver? That usually works with standard implementations, and Audiophonics claims that this is the case with this HAT.