RoPieee - Feature requests

(Harry ten Berge) #141

Ok. That’s unfortunate. The DAC does not advocate native DSD support.
So this is not going to work, unless Moon updates the (USB) firmware.


Aha, ok, thank you.
So what is the reason to no DSD256 over DoP?

(Rene Bouwmeester) #143

For DSD256 via DoP, your DAC would need to be able to receive a PCM stream at 768kHz. As you can see above, it is limited to 384kHz – hence DSD maxes out to 128 via DoP.

(Henry) #144

Hi Leo, I have just backed you and I am hoping this DAC will be everything you claim it is. I am hoping it and Ropieee make a killer combination!

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #145

Thanks for your support. I hope you like it. I have received extremely positive feedback from everybody who has heard it.

(Henry) #146

Good to know! I’ll give some feedback here when I get it.

(Harry ten Berge) #147


Could you keep me in the loop? I’ve not been able to test the device myself, so I really want to make sure RoPieee support is fine.


(Henry) #148

OK. Delivery is a while away I suspect but I’ll report in when it lands.

(Sean) #149

For the best support from Harry, maybe @Orchard_Audio could send Harry a unit? Shouldn’t be too difficult.

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #150

I don’t have one to spare right now. Can send one for evaluation as soon as it becomes available. Will let you know. Probably in about 3 weeks.

(Tino M) #151

Hi to all, and Kudos to the developer of RoPiee! Thanks for that work.

I have seen this request on another thread, but it somehow seemed to be forgotten.

Is there a possibility to add RF Remote (or RF keyboard) capability to RoPiee?
I have seen it done for DietPi, but I fear it’s a bit over my capabilities… Roon Extension: Keyboard Remote

It would be great to be able to control a RPi endpoint with a remote (just start/stop and louder/mute), because if a phone call is incoming on the controlling smartphone, it gets tricky to make the music quieter. And the display isn’t a solution either, because I want the Endpint to be really headless and buried in an invisible place :wink:

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #152

I have a person who will be trying this with RoPieee, some time this week, I will post their feedback.

(Harry ten Berge) #153

I’m hoping of getting an RF based remote this week to play around with. If it works to my satisfaction then I’ll think about adding it to RoPieee.


Is HQP NAA still off the table?
I think that should be easy to add, no?

(Rene Bouwmeester) #156

No so much off the table as out of scope, I’d guess. Ropieee’s claim to fame is it being an easy way (the easiest?) to create a Pi-based endpoint for Roon exclusively.

There are different tools for other purposes – flash DietPI to a card and install Roon Bridge, HQP NAA and whatever other software you fancy.

(Harry ten Berge) #157

“What he said”.

But yeah, @RBM is right. This is not so much about difficult or not, this is about RoPieee’s goal: to be a Roon only solution. There are plenty other solutions that provide you with a way to setup HQP NAA.


(Leo Ayzenshtat) #158

I got the 14 day Roon Trial. Will be trying RoPieee myself.

I put the card into a Pi3 and the green LED is still blinking at 10hz almost 30 minutes later? Is this normal?

(simon arnold) #159

It can take a long time to go through its motions. Be patient.

(bearFNF) #160

Mine took quite a while to update, depends on your internet speed and how many updates the install needs to go get. If it take more than an hour you may need to try to re-flash the card. Or, in my case, I had to re-download the latest img. Took a couple tries to get a good one with my crappy internet.

It is hooked up to ethernet and the internet right?

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #161

What about SD card? I am using 16GB one is that too large, does it really only work with 4 and 8GB ones?

Does it support SSH to be able to see progress?