RoPieee - Feature requests

(bearFNF) #162

The 16 GB card should be okay, I only saw mention that people had issue with 32 GB cards.

I know that you can use SSH to modify but not sure about monitoring the install. Other have hooked up the HDMI to a monitor to watch the install. @spockfish said that the HDMI is disabled once it is up and running.

I am about to install on a second RPi and will be hooking up to a monitor to see what happens, I will let you know.

(Harry ten Berge) #163

No it works with 16GB cards.
But again, are you connected to the internet?

(bearFNF) #164

My new install took 29 minutes to complete the initial boot process.

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #165

Install finished, and th he ApplePi DAC is playing music, took me a while to figure out how to get the volume control going.

Sounds really good.

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #166

How do you browse your folders and play certain files?

(simon arnold) #167

You don’t on device itself. You use Roon app to control it. It’s an endpoint nothing more.

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #168

I got that, but it will not let me browse by windows file structure. Only by what it imported.

I imported a specific folder at that has 20 files in it, but it only shows 10 out of the 20 files.

Anyway this is not a Ropieee issue.

I can confirm that ApplePi DAC is supported correctly in RoPieee

(Harry ten Berge) #169

Ok thanks @Orchard_Audio for mentioning that.

I’ll remove the ‘preliminary support’ on the website and consider it fully supported.


(simon arnold) #170

Roon does not folder browse only what’s imported in your library. If not all showing up then it might be metadata not matching up.

(Christopher Rieke) #171

I have a quite simple feature request regarding the “Connection Failure” screen:

It would be very helpful to also show the IP address of the pi (and maybe some kind of “reset Network settings”).

I was testing some network scenarios a while ago and currently try to match the IP range to the IP address, that I remember to have given to the pi.

(Harry ten Berge) #172

That sounds like a good idea. On the list.

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #173

Thank you.

(Henry) #174

Second Pi bought in anticipation of the Apple Pi DAC! Already running Ropieee with an Explorer2 so it should be an interesting comparison.

(Nathan Wilkes) #175

@spockfish Harry, there have been a lot of support required due to connectivity issues. I wonder whether it might be helpful as a diagnostic to add a small test on the Advanced tab indicating whether there currently is network connectivity to, perhaps via a simple curl to a tiny status file. This way there would be a way for the user to understand that connectivity is a problem in their environment.

Also, it might be helpful to generate some sort of checksum on the install to indicate that all packages installed.

The goal here is to save diagnostic troubleshooting for you without adding too much complexity.


(Lloyd Borrett) #176

G’day Harry,

I have a RPi with HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro running RoPieee and it happens to be under a large flat screen TV. My understanding is that RoPieee disables the HDMI output of the RPi. But could you include an option in RoPieee to show a what’s playing screen via the HDMI output?

If not, is there some other way to achieve such a display?

(bearFNF) #177

you could add a 7" display to the RPi…that what i did.
This is a little old but it give you the info on the screen.

(Lloyd Borrett) #178

And I have two other RPi based units with integrated 7" displays that work well. But in this situation a 7" screen would be way too small. A 40+ inch large screen is required.

(bearFNF) #179

so another option would be an oppo 203 or 205 player. I have my oppo hooked up to my 46" LCD.
for some reason I cannot post a picture right now…

(Harry ten Berge) #180

Hi @Nathan_Wilkes,

Funny that you bring this up, because I was already thinking about this.
I’m in the midst of making the package management atomical (so everyhting is ‘ok’ or there’s something wrong) to be able to present this to the user.

The network test is indeed a good idea, as this an issue that pops up regularly.

Thanks for the feedback and ideas!

Regards Harry

(Nathan Wilkes) #181

@spockfish let me know if I can help test any of this. Obviously there will be two states, one complete as an endpoint and one adding the display software – might want to make make it explicit that there is no display installed (and to re-flash if necessary if one has been added or re-connected etc).