Ropieee fired up but not detected by Roon

Was advised by bro @wizardofoz to seek for assistance here.
my unique identifier 6195c09991314af0

Using pi4 and scandisk 16gb card. able to fire up ropieee with wired connection throughout the installation session. No matter how i try, i unable to get roon to detect this pi of mine with ropieee

connected device as follows:
Pi 4>Denafrips Terminator 2>Accuphase power amp.

Pretty straight forward but still to no avail

When you say Roon can’t detect the RPi, are you meaning that it doesn’t see it is an “audio zone”?

If so, is the Deanfrips powered on? Roon won’t detect an audio zone without the endpoint being powered on, even if the RPi is on.

Wow. RoonBridge is crashing hard on your system.
Before we call in the Roon troops, please reflash to make sure that nothing is corrupted or anything like that.


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done that. i think i know why it messed up. cos the pi is connected to my minidsp at the same time when doing the installation.! Thanks a mil for the help!