RoPieee gear suggestions?


I am in need of a RoPieee “package”. I need to set one of these up, but I just don’t have it in me to research it like I used to (depression) so I’m asking for people to flat out tell me what to buy.

I need a Raspberry + HAT + case solution (is that all?) that I can buy all at one place and it’ll just work. I have no idea what the price range of HATs are, and I have no idea if lower cost HATs are bad or just less expensive, but if a better one costs more then I’m okay with that. As for outputs, I’m interested in optical.

The audio gear that this RoPieee would be attached to are a basic SMSL A300 amp + SMSL DO200 DAC + SVS Prime bookshelf speakers + SVS subwoofer. It’s very simple.

Hopefully, that all makes enough sense to people who know what they’re doing that they can help.

Also, I’d prefer to use RoPieeeXL, but I don’t currently have anything that requires it.


I don’t think you need a HAT. Just connect the DAC to one if the Pi’s USB outputs. Then, you can use any case. You can also add an LCD, which would me a lot more useful than a HAT.


Perfect :relieved:
AudioQuest 1.5 m Pearl USB A-B Cable, USB B Male, Black (1.5 m, USB A, USB B, 2.0, Male/Male, Black)
And a wee bit of luxury (you can spend more, but that’s a cables forum discussion)

Wow, thanks!

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I must admit to liking an optical connection to the DAC myself. This works well but you’ll need a different case to accommodate it (the metal one is out of stock). A USB connections should work fine though: