Ropieee Guide - Power

In the Ropieee installation guide it says, connect USB cable for power - doh!

Does it intend to say, connect power?

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Yes, connect the USB cable to supply power. I’ve just built three RPi-based Ropieee endpoints. All powered by a standard RPi power supply that terminates in a USB-C connector to power the RPi.

FYI, Early versions used micro USB for power connection, also.

@John_Rainey , I am not sure I understand your point. As far as I know, the various Raspberry Pi models that run RoPieee use a USB connector to supply 5v DC power (with varying amperage requirements). Help me understand the problem here?

Just English language. I charge my phone with a USB plugged in to the mains power supply and as you say most Pi’s have a different USB connector. Also the Pi has 4 USB type A.

So, when it just says in the guide “connect USB cable for power”, in my mind there was a question of which one. Perhaps it should read “connect the Raspberry power supply” or “plug in the Pi type C power connector”. Hope that clarifies my question.

If you get the power supply for the raspberry PI, there’s only one place where it fits.