Ropieee hangs after touching the 7" screen - e167aee283f0a947

Please help don’t know why my Ropieee hangs after touching the official 7" Rpi screen.


What are you trying to do? Are you installing a screen or are you just trying to use an already working RoPieee with a screen or what?

Not entirely clear, but I suspect you have a fried SD card.

I already installed the screen and was successful. I was interacting with the touchscreen. I am able to get to the settings but when I touch the album art the display hangs and the message timeout waiting for hardware interrupt. see screen shot I uploaded on my original message.


I would get a new micro SD card and download RoPieee again and reflash the new card. That will fix anything except a hardware problem.

Also, check your cables from the RPI to the screen to make sure they are seated properly.

Appreciate the inputs.

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