Ropieee in RPI 4B playback problems - Skips through songs in Roon without playing

This issue was hard to describe in the title. Just set up a new raspberry Pi 4b with the latest version of Ropieee. The install seems to have worked fine, and Roon can see the device. I’m using the USB only - no hat. Here’s the issue. I can play exactly 1 song, and that’s it. Once I try to play a second song, it will either show as playing with no sound, or will skip through all the songs on the album selected, as if the files are missing. Nothing I do corrects the issue. The only way to get it to play anything else, is to re-flash the card. The situation repeats in the same way, after the re-flash. I’ve done it 4 times now, and same issue each time. Any ideas?

Problem solved… we’ll sort of. It appears the issue is hardware related. For some reason the rpi 4b does not seem to be compatible with my USB dac. Connected to a different DAC (Rotel RDD-1580) and it works perfectly. The original DAC I was using was a S.M.S.L Sanskrit, which worked fine with an android box running Roon bridge, but not so with the Raspberry Pi.

Connect the smsl dac and when it’s stopped playing send @spockfish Harry a feedback package from the advanced GUI screen