RoPieee initializing question

Would you explain please why RoPieee doesn’t start (Infinitely initializing…) when it can’t “see” the Internet - local router gateway was set.

I do not understand your question well, but some things to consider:

  • If you are asking whether internet is required to install RoPieee, the answer is yes, working ethernet and working internet networking is required to complete RoPieee software download + configuration.
  • If you have internet but the configuration doesn’t seem to complete, try either closing the browser tab and opening again; or pull the power of the pi, reboot, and relaunch a browser tab.
  • If those actions fail, try re-burning the software image, perhaps using a different SD card.
  • I assume that you are using a supported Raspberry Pi model (check

Thank you for response.
RoPieee is installed properly, IP address is static, not DHCP.
But after I changed gateway from Internet connected router to router not connected to Internet (because I do not want RoPieee “calls Home” during standard work) RoPieee is initializing infinitely… Why?

When I again changed gateway (to the Internet router’s IP) it again started up correctly.

Again, RoPieee requires internet access.

If you can’t live with that then I’m afraid you need to look for another solution.


I thought so…
Thanks anyway.

Given that Roon also requires internet, I am unsure about the problem that you are trying to solve. I’d suggest you look at depending on your software requirements.

Thank yoy very much, I will try.

I don’t know how I could supervise what is happening in RoPieee - it seems a closed application, am I right?

Yes, RoPieee is an appliance.

If you really want to ‘solve’ this then you need to use something else.

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