Ropieee installing every time it’s booting

After first install, en try to configure Ropiee, it’s installing again and again. It didn’t save the changes I made in the configuration.

So what’s going wrong here?

Hi @Wilco_Havenaar

What do yo mean with ‘installing’ exactly?

The first time when you start the rpi with the sd card, Ropieee is installing itself right?

Then after 20 minutes I can login with the web client, make some changes, click save, and the proces its starting again with installing itself.

If you make changes RoPieee needs to reboot. But that only takes a few minutes of course.

Can you send me feedback? Go to the ‘advanced’ tab and hit the ‘feedback’ button.

At the moment it’s installing for more than half an hour now. When I’m able to open the web client I will send you the feedback.

i still don’t get that. Do you have a display attached?

Yes, used the HDMI with my Dell monitor.

that’s not what I meant. You’re not using the official 7 inch touchscreen?

In that case installation does not take 20 minutes but max 5.
How do you see it’s done installing?

No I didn’t use the 7 inch touchscreen.

But it’s weird, looks like an endless bootloop.

Oke, strange. Removed all the cables, tried it on a different location without the hdmi, and it’s running now.