RoPieee Introduction

Many Roon users are looking at the Raspberry Pi as a cheap alternative for a Roon-capable endpoint. There’s a very active ecosystem that consists of hardware vendors selling various Raspberry PI HAT’s for connecting audio devices. To make the hardware work there’s a wide range of available images that support RoonBridge.

However, most of these software solutions require some kind of computer knowledge to be able to get things working. Whether you need to login with SSH, change configuration files etc. it can be quite difficult.

For those that don’t feel comfortable with computers I’ve created RoPieee. RoPieee is a RoonBridge specific software solution that aims to be easy to use and configure. This rule of thumb has resulted in an image that can be installed on a Raspberry Pi, takes a few minutes and works out of the box (USB). All those things that need to be configured (like selecting a specific HAT) can be done from a simple web page: again no need to use SSH or edit configuration files by hand.

RoPieee is still in development, but can be considered ‘stable’ for daily usage. You can get the latest software from

If you need support, have feedback or want to discuss other things RoPieee related: feel free to post over here!

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