RoPieee kernel panic - feedback sent

I installed ropieee on a new Pi 3 a few days ago. I had and still have kernel panic on reboots. Must remove and apply power again when this happens. On last nights scheduled reboot I did not see this so it is ‘not always’. Can you see anything in the report sent?

Could be a flakey SD carder a bad image…try and reflash on a different card

Possible. I’ve reflashed once because I locked myself out from CLI via SSH. It installed fine both times. I’ll wait a day or two and then try a different card.

I only see one, and that’s related to an issue with the filesystem.
So a reflash seems like a good starting point.

Thanks! I’ll buy a new card and reflash. Hope that will fix it.

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Still get the kernel panic on installation. New SanDisk SDHC. Maybe something wrong with the Pi?

30 minutes later…:
I’ve tried several reboots from web and CLI (on the old SD) with no problems so I think I’ll wait a little and see.