RoPieee LCD Beta stuff - tell it like it is

(Mr Fix It ) #342

banging away at the nails like a programmer possessed :smiley: Maybe I better un dim my lowest setting incase its headed to non viewable


Good work I’m away until next weekend so won’t be able to feedback until I return. How’s the boot loop file system stuff going?

(Harry ten Berge) #344

I’ve already changed (in development) to a more ‘conservative’ choice for a filesystem and are changed some other small parts in the boot up cycle.

I’m testing this on my home system and if all works ok for a few days then I’ll release that as well.

(Sean) #345

The manual ‘sleep display now’ button in the top right is brilliant Harry.


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(Harry ten Berge) #346

Guys, with landing the touchscreen stuff in stable you might want to switch to the stable channel. That’s something you can on the ‘advanced’ tab.

I’ll keep the beta channel alive to test things out, but with a more conservative approach then during beta testing the screen.

@Sean2016 I can imagine this is the time to switch your old man to stable.



Switched to stable thanks Harry. Just got back from holiday and the new off button is perfect.

(bearFNF) #348

So here is a newb question, I am going to buy an LCD screen, is this the one I want?

I read that I need the Official foundation LCD. Just want to make sure I get the right one.


That’s the one…

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(bearFNF) #350

Ok, thanks.

(Stefan Wahl) #351

Yes, it looks like you picked the right one.

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I also purchased one of these at the same time…

(Wim) #353

I’m using this case as well. It works fine but you cannot change the viewing angle.

(bearFNF) #354

I bought this one:

I will also be putting the HiFiberry Digi+ Pro and soldering a BNC connector on to it in there.

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(Stefan Wahl) #355

But it is not enough space inside for the DAC (HiFiBerry DAC+ Zero). You have to fix it with tape.

(bearFNF) #356

The one i bought looks like this on the back:

They sell a few different cover depths to cover the HAT (some modification need to get the connections out):

(Sean) #357

Done last night Harry with both of his units. Thanks and congrats on the hard work through the beta phase up to now.

(Nathan Wilkes) #358

Harry, FYI, after switching to stable, the config magically added two single quotes to the Roon control zone on the display tab.

Feedback provided: 66dc37b7125cc5c2

(Tony Reimann) #359

This happened to me on a new beta install a few days ago. At the time I just thought it was a typo and removed them.

(Geoff Coupe) #360

Interesting. It didn’t happen to me (single quotes appearing) after switching to stable, but my zone is a single word - no spaces involved…

(Harry ten Berge) #361

That’s the reason :wink:

But it’s a one-time thingie.