RoPieee LCD Beta stuff - tell it like it is

Harry, willl we be able to easily switch to main channel or will it require a full reinstall.

Great work Harry. Much appreciated all of your efforts on so many things you have put in of late. Hope you get some donations :grin: See the bottom of the page for how to donate :money_mouth_face:

My failed updates is resolved…Harry to the rescue and all sorted :smiley: thankfully via the command line, not having to dismantle the display case.

Guys, great news!

I’ve got hardware rendering reliably working, which means that scrolling texts are back on.

This means a slight change of plans though: I first want to test this out in the beta channel, so we’re gonna prolong the beta period just a little bit.

Not sure when I can deliver this. I’ve got it working over here, but I need to do quite some cleaning up before I can make this available, so be patient :wink:



wow! :thumbsup:

Hey Harry @spockfish

My old man has been leaving his Ropieee Touchscreen Digi+ PRO on all week since the screen turns off.

His auto daily reboot is set to 3AM.

He said last night after he finished Roon-ing, he watched some Wimbledon :tennis: Then before he went to sleep, he checked that the Touchscreen display had turned off, as usual - and everything was good so he went to sleep :sleeping:

This morning he woke up and the screen was on, and it showed the 2 lines about “Roon is not connected” so he was surprised :open_mouth: the screen was on when he woke up.

I just asked him what version extension he is running and it’s 0.3.3 still.

So it seems it did the usual 3AM reboot but for some reason it didn’t update but also the screen didn’t go to sleep after the 3AM reboot this time.

He’s done a reboot and it still hasn’t updated.

I had the same problem at my end but I just wiped my SD card and did a fresh install and it’s fine - it pulled the latest v0.3.3.5 on the fresh install for me. But he wouldn’t know how to do a fresh install.

If it doesn’t self update for him, that’s fine, I’m happy for him to leave it with version 0.3.3 until I visit him :red_car: :oncoming_automobile: next weekend.

But just some feedback for you, because the auto-update is a cool feature but for the first time, it didn’t work smoothly for him and me (but it’s more of a problem for him :older_man: than me :baby: ).

Same problem I had…it’s an easy usg ssh fix, if you have teamviewer or the like on your dads pc/mac you could remote in and sort it out.

Ya but ext 0.3.3 is working fine and more importantly RoonBridge and HiFiBerry is un-affected so Roony Tunes :notes: can keep flowing until I visit him next time

A few weeks ago I requested that the automatic 24-hourly reboot be disabled (or an option) because I envisaged this exact issue may come up with dad’s setup. So maybe something to consider for the ‘main’ release Harry?

It’s partially in there already or at least some indication of it’s potentially being in there. When you do a commit there a 1 value for auto reboot.

Interestingly the 2 lcd setups I have without hats have updated no issues from 0.3.3 to .4 then to .5 so maybe it’s an issue for those with hats and lcd.

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Yeah your correct. This issue only affects those that run a touchscreen.

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v0.3.5 on my Touchscreen is looking really nice btw :+1:

Does this mean a “commit” will fix it, without having to SSH?

No it means option to not reboot daily is being prepared. To fix the failed update you need to run a couple of commands via ssh

No dramas, thanks mate

Harry & Wizard both my Ropieee’s have stopped updating stuck on 0.3.3 what do I need to do to manually fix this?

Simon I will leave this to Harry to post something privately perhaps. While mine was one issue (and yours and Sean’s are probably the same) its his call as to what is best I think.

Fair enough. I sent feedback through the webui for both my systems.

@CrystalGipsy @spockfish Harry I have PM’d Simon the same info and response based on what you gave me so he can try something in case you are tied up with life :stuck_out_tongue: Explaining if its not exactly the same errors I had to check with you first.

Simon are you running a HAT - if so what model?

Your method worked great thanks. I have a HifiBerry Amp+ and Hifi Berry Digi + HATS,

Ok this is interesting then … both my non HAT’ed displays updated no issues…but it seems I think @dabassgoesboomboom and yours and my HAT’ed displays for some reason have had failed update issues…

@spockfish maybe now you have a hat to play with you can see if you can replicate this. I think my IQAudIO DigiAMP+ setup was installed with the 170616 beta build initially.

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