RoPieee LCD Beta stuff - tell it like it is

Okay :grinning: Looks good Harry. A bit longer to download files this go round.

Thanks again for your efforts.

I can confirm scrolling text and I really like the new layout.

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Ok. Thank you for testing!

I did a fresh install Harry. Roon didn’t see my extension after the clean install. I had to hit the ‘restart extension’ button but then it worked.

Scrolling is working great ! I’ll update my old man’s 2 Pi’s this weekend and hopefully his old issues disappear.

Ok so is there a new extension number to determine if I have the update? I still see 0.3.5 on my 3 systems. I did just force a reboot on one but that’s not scrolling and no scrolling setting in the settings on the lcd either.

Maybe will pull a new image down and test on my other 2 lcd setups.

It’s still 0.3.5, even after the scrolling text option version.

Ok…some more checking is needed…updates to the core too to 242 I think

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Yep and RoonBridge (build 102)

It’s all happening…might run that update from the command line and see what gets pulled down :wink:

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Regarding new updates, showing the ‘M’ symbol for Tidal albums still hasn’t come but with the new MQA changes it must mean we’re closer. Anyways that’s off topic (my fault lol).

You should do a clean install. I have OCD with this stuff, especially big updates like Harry’s latest one.

I’ll try both ways…it’s a pita to keep opening up one of my displays (the one with the digiamp+ Hat) as need to disconnect the speaker wires and remove the case…maybe if I have to do that again I’ll make a hole to remove the sd card in the case too… :rage:

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Reinstalled the beta image this morning, and now up and running. It looks really good - I particularly like the two-speed scrolling! And the icons are now perfectly Roonified.

Great job!

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Going to wait for any more updates till this is out of beta. My cases are not taking to being reassembled this often to take out the SD cards shame they did not make them more accessible when in a case or with the screen. The current version works well enough for me for now and I can wait for the scrolling stuff. So will have to bow out of testing now, sorry Harry. I am sure it wont be long till its in the main branch.

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Well, I’m still tinkering on idea to make it easy to ‘swap’ distribution channel (let’s say from ‘beta’ to ‘stable’) from the user interface.


OK I am refreshing about 6 pi’s now … 3 are LCD units and the one thing that is really great is that so far all the IP addresses for those have stuck…thats said the fingerprints have changed in terminal for known_hosts so you need to go in and edit those if you want SSH access. The non LCD units all seem to be wanting new IP addresses so far 2 out of 3…Is this created with random seed that could have changed now?

Yes. SSH (host) keys are generated on install.

Mine had changed prior to the install…from the last update I guess and before I tried the update command line that as noted didn’t work.

I like the scrolling option but it would be nicer if it was continuous with a spaced gap rather than a sudden restart when the end of text gets to the middle of the area. It gets kind of annoying too and distracting when there is always some activity on the display in the corner of ones eye. Especially as they are all moving at different speeds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This is going to drive the classical fans nuts after about 2 minuets

Another option would be to scroll it once and then stop scrolling at the beginning of the next scroll cycle…then if you click on the text it would scroll once fully again for each click on that area…

I dread the complexity of programming that for several fields but then a man your talent might be able to get it done in a heartbeat or 10 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, it doesn’t drive this classical fan nuts after two minuets (or even after two symphonies) - I rather like it :grin:

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LOL i was waiting to see who’d first comment on it. It’s an amazing achievement Harry and I’m certainly grateful. You are incredibly talented to have gotten this far in such a short time - crazy.

At the same time I agree, it’s a little distracting. It reminds me of the Pac-Man game with the lines at different speeds LOL

If you check out Picoreplayer and copy the way and speed that does scrolling (same as wizard says above, from memory) that should keep most people happy.

Keep the beta going as long as you need. No need to rush at all.

The most important feedback is it works and is stable !

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Good to see it working but wondering why is everything scrolling at the same time thats a bit overload? Would make more sense to only scroll what is needed if it does not fit to a set character length and then stagger the scrolling for each sections that need it.