Ropieee max USB output

Hello guys…i am happy user of roon. So i used to listen music with it via usb to dac.

For practical reason i want to play through my pi with ropieee. I do it before days but the signal was cutting for 2seconds and after comes back for 2seconds.

Beacuse i use some filters (both ifi iusb and igalvanic) i am thinking that maybe the rpi can’t give much ma. I read that rpi gives max 1200ma for all usb ports. I don’t have any device to the other ports.

Is there a way to make it work?! Is there a way to give more usb power output?!maybe is there other problem with ropieee that cuts the signal?! With my macbook i don’t have that signal issue.

I am searching for a solution with that i have in order to save some money.


Split usb cable to a lps, maybe?

How are you powering the Pi? You have to put the power in to get it out, but the power shouldn’t be affecting data. Does it work if you take the isolation out?

i have the ifi ipower for that.5v 2,5a

yes if i put out the isolation it works…but with isolation my laptop works fine but with ropieee not?!