Ropieee-NG BETA - chat about the new release currently at 2021.11.16 (RC2)

I also had to re-enable the endpoints.

I have one connected both over Ethernet and WiFi - and that showed up as two endpoints in roon.

yes, streaming the update takes more time. there’s stuff to optimize there, but that’s something for later.

the need to re-enable again I need to investigate, but I think this is related to the UUID being created by Roon upon creating the zone the first time.

Same here, smooth upgrade, re-enable endpoint necessary.

Yeah found the issue. Will be resolved in next version.


Installed. A few unexpected initialisation steps. Re-enabled in Roon. Playing music.

Can you elaborate?

No sorry I can’t. I think some buttons didn’t immediately respond and I pressed them again. Probably screwed up what it was doing. I will pay more attention.

Updated no issues here, nice can now set time zone and boot schedule etc…stil no option to avoid updates? Guess that will come.

When you get the configure option can you keep making changes to things and just do the one time configure / reboot?

Some screen shots.

Also had the flash issue changing to .bin seemed to work for the flashing…will see if the Rpi 3 image works

Update the Rpi 3 image worked fine too for me.

I’ll rename the images. I had this is in the past with regular RoPieee as well, hence the ‘.bin’ extension.

RoPieee knows which settings require a reboot (hostname, HAT and a few more). But you can keep on making changes. Maybe I need to rephrase ‘the latest’ to ‘all’.

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Always seemed to work this way in the past. Not sure I like the extra dialogue box pop up to click all the time tho when you confirm the change that should be enough…can always change things back if it didn’t work. Maybe with the exception of a network address change :sunglasses:

I know it’s always been there and it’s always bugged me.

Same goes for the are you sure you want to restart/reboot…not like it takes ages to come back up :relaxed:

I added the dialog because I’ve removed the ‘commit’ → ‘save’ workflow :wink:

In the past, when you clicked ‘commit’, you first got a screen with an overview of the settings. And then you would save it. That ‘inbetween’ screen is gone, so I’ve added the dialog to inform the user that something actually happened…

Maybe we can do that with a notification that disappears by itself (1 sec or something)…


Less clicks and mouse moves the better…but clicking anywhere makes it disappear too

Will need to edit the links in the posts above tho or maybe can zip them as well…if you need a mirror to host them a bit faster let me know. Takes many many mins to d/l here in Singapore

When I’ve got another update (somewhere this week), I’ll rename the images and provide you with a new link.

I had a CDN hooked up to improve download speed(s), but the costs where too high.


Sorry for my ignorance and for asking if this have being asked before but what is the difference between the current Stable version and RoPieee NG? What new functions are added to the NG version?

So I’m also seeing a problem with incrementing player numbers. But I’ve also had the same player disappear in Roon - and need to be re-enabled and newly named.

So it’s almost like the old player has gone - and a new one has taken it’s place.

See above, that will be fixed in the next release.

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Hello all, after many trials to with win 11 (I know crazy idea) Same problems Craig_Cheeseman described. Started my old win7 machine, flashed with rufus, and it works!!

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