Ropieee no DNLA or Spotify

Hello, scratching my head here. I have just reflashed the latest version of Ropieee 4.017 from 3.15 (which had the same problem).
It is fine as roon endpoint faultlessy, but for some reason spotify or DNLA functionaility is not working.
Is this a simple setting which I may have forgotten about?


Did you upgraded to XL? … check in Advanced tab

Yes, is there any options for this?

You have Audio Output off for Upnp/Dlna, and maybe for Librespot too.
Set them to usb (or hat if you have it)

Spotify has been renamed as Librespot in RoPieeeXL. Click on Librespot and log in with your Spotify details.

I’ll give that a go, thanks