Ropieee no longer visible under Audio section in roon

Hello there,

Since I did a restart of my roonvm today my ropieee was no longer visible as an audio device, although it is listed in About section in Roon.
I am running RoonCore, version 1.8 build 814 (as reported by Roon remote.) on linux for almost 2 years.
Ropieee 4.002 with Roon Bridge version 1.8 build 814 (as reported by Roon remote.)

Anybody else has this issue?
thank you in advance
George Valanokratis

Still got that problem?
Do you have a HAT attached or a USB-DAC?
If DAC, is it powered on, otherwise no audio zone…

Hello and thank you for responding. I have an Allo DigiOne HAT attached as I always had. Nothing has changed and the HAT is enabled in the ropieee web interface.

Mentioning the obvious, but restarting every component from your modem through to your DAC doesn’t bring your Allo back?
Really nothing had been changed?
Maybe throw us a bone and give a more in depth system listing to chew on…

Hello again,
yesterday I did a Ropieee reinstallation which changed nothing.
Then I realized that Roon was not listing any audio devices at all(I have an Nvidia Shield and my smartphone) and I thought that this indicates a problem with my RoonCore and not with Ropieee, so I did another restart (I already had done one) and after that everything got back to normal.
I am sorry for wasting your time :frowning: . I know that nothing had changed because I checked the releases…
Anyway thanks again for your answers.
Best regards

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No big deal, at least you’re back up and running - happy discovering…

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