Ropieee not booting on Pi3

I’m trying to get RoPieee working on my Pi3. I’ve up till now been using the Pi to run Squeezelite and LMS without any problems.

Ive tried both the base and XL release burnt to 2 different SD cards (which have worked previously in my Pi) via both Etcher and Rufus.

When I power up the power light comes on and the other 2 status lights both go green initially but the second almost immeditely goes blank - no blinking.

No network activity at the Pi or on my router…I have swiched ports and cables.

Is there any mechanism to see the boot activity and where it is failing??

Any help/suggestions appreciated.

Stupid question, but just to be sure:

You have downloaded the lastest version and Pi3 specific image?

Yes ose_pi3-2022.11.2-stable.20221206.661

How long have you waited? Installation takes about 5-7 minutes on initial boot.

10-15 minutes…after the inital lights showing there is zero activity…I thought I’d see some network activity but nothing. Correction to my earlier note the left status light goes red on power up and the right light starts green blinks once then nothing.

Perhaps a very stupid question, but have you first formatted your SD-card with the program “SD Card Formatter”, to be sure that you have the full SD Card at your disposal?
Only after you formatted the SD-Card via “SD Card Formatter”, you can install the image with “Etcher”.

I hadn’t but have now done that and reried. Still not booting.

That’s not necessary at all.

A RoPieee image is a complete image, including partition table and such.
Therefore there’s certainly no need to format the card before hand.

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Can you give me some details about your Pi 3?

What type is it exactly?

It’s a model B+V1 2 (stamped on the circuit board)

I think that can’t be correct. The PI 3 got introduced in 2016.
Isn’t this a Pi 2?

Thanks that explains it…I thought it was a PI 3. I hadn’t used it for a couple of years.

I’ll revert to using it as a Squeezeplayer and source a PI 4 for Ropieee.

Appreciate your asistance in getting to the bottom of it.