Ropieee not recognising screen not showing up in Roon

Ok will do.


All sorted. many thanks.

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Hi @spockfish,

I have the same problem.

Thank you & good day.

Hi @Ninh_Le,

So … you don’t have the same problem. This thread is about the display, and your saying you’re not using one.

Anyways, I didn’t receive the feedback, so I guess you don’t have a working network.

Have you tried using DHCP?

Another user here with Repieee not showing up in the roon interface. running the latest Ropiee stable 78, roon core running on a QNAP NAS. wired network,dhcp, Pi official touchscreen, 32Gb sd card
spokfish extension in roon was recognised and is enabled.


Hi @Leslie_Wiggins,

Everything looks normal. I see 2 things however: first of all you did not configure the Roon zone to be controlled in RoPieee’s web page. It’s still on ‘unknown’. Change that to the name of the zone you want to control with the touchscreen.

Second of all, you’re using USB out. However, to have Roon see the unit you need to have the endpoint (DAC or whatever is hooked up to USB) on. And from what I see there’s nothing connected to the USB port.



Did not realize that I needed to have the DAC connected for it to show up in Roon. I went ahead and connected my Onkyo DAC and it works.

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Re e482568022e9d2fb

I am trying to use Ropieee with an ifi idsd micro.

However, the installation seems to hang with stage 3. It says “we’re ready, Ropieee is running” but it seems stuck on this screen.

Please reference the above case number.

Both the extension and DAC are showing up in Roon.

However the screen is stuck at the above message.

How do I fix. I tried to reflash twice, but still the same problems.




Yeah you hit a bug unfortunately.
My friends at ArchLinux made an update that causes me a huge headache.

I’ve been working on this all day. Just sit tight, I’ll try to fix this asap.




Update is out there.

I restarted but it doesn’t pick up the update.

Anyway to force this?

It does take some time (20 minutes or so).
Alternative is to put it to manual update mode (see the ‘advanced’ tab) and force it.